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Born from personal experience of a mother, each AVACRAFT product is made for the loved ones with high quality material and best in the universe customer support…because we all care for our loved ones!


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Customer Reviews

  • This pan is terrific. I have used it several times since I received it and am pleased with its performance and cleanup. I highly recommend this company. I am planning on replacing all my coated pans with this brand.

  • The saucepan is very well made and sturdy. I use it all the time. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel and is definetely a high-quality pan. I like straining holes in the lid, heat-resistant handle and the measurement marks inside the saucepan. Also it is easy to clean. I am very happy with this saucepan. Highly recommend. The customer service was also great!

  • Wow! I’m impressed with this pan. It is well made, affordable, and has features I’m surprised no one thought of before now. If they did, I missed them. I am hoping for other sizes. I’m not generally this excited about a saucepan. It works well on my induction cooktop too!

    Amazon Customer